GSelector Certification


What you’ll learn in the GSelector Certification Course:

GSelector Certification is a self-paced, online course for individuals with basic to advanced knowledge of music scheduling using GSelector. In this course, students learn the essential skills needed to become GSelector Certified and earn the RCS-GSC certification designation. GSelector Certification covers each section of the software in detail and follows sound music scheduling principles that give our users the tools they need to become true experts at music scheduling.

Core topics:

  • Library Selection
  • Clock development
  • Goals, Rules and Priority List management
  • Advanced scheduling and editing methods
  • Library and turnover analysis
  • Reports
  • Interfacing with automation systems
  • Setup tips and tricks


Core benefits:

  • Earn the RCS-GSC designation
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers
  • Improve your credentials with station management
  • Increase your earning potential and professional status