Aquira Certification


What you’ll learn in the Aquira Certification Course:

  • Aquira Certification is a self-paced, online course for individuals with basic to advanced knowledge of commercial traffic using Aquira. In this course, students learn the essential skills needed to become Aquira Certified and earn the RCS-AQ certification designation. Aquira Certification covers each section of the software by identifying a typical Aquira user – Sales Representative, Traffic Manager, Business Manager and Accounting – and guiding them through a typical radio workday.

Core Topics:

  • Adding a Client
  • Adding a Proposal
  • Plotting a Contract’s Spotlines
  • Commercial Traffic Logs
  • Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • How to customize your Aquira via Setup

Core Benefits

  • Earn the RCS-AQ designation
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers
  • Improve your credentials with station management
  • Increase your earning potential and professional status